Health insurance has become so expensive that many of us can’t afford it.  My medical practice was created to address that problem.  By not accepting insurance, I can provide excellent medical care that is affordable.  Below are some frequently asked questions.

Why are your prices so affordable? My prices are affordable because when I don’t deal with insurance my administrative costs are lower and I pass this benefit along to my patients in the form of lower fees.   Seeing patients without insurance allows me to provide the same quality of medical care at a much lower price.

Does affordable or “low-cost” mean inferior care?  Not at all!  It’s actually the opposite.  When doctors (especially primary care doctors like me) accept insurance they need to navigate a very complicated process which almost always distracts them from treating patients.  By taking insurance out of the equation I am able to dedicate more time to patients and thus provide better care.

What services do you provide?  I am a Family Practice physician in Cartersville, GA.  I provide all the care you would expect in any primary care medical office.  I can get all the labs and blood tests you would need.  I treat conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Infections, Heart Disease and a lot of others.  I see people when they get sick on the day they need it.  I perform simple office tests like glucose, urinalysis, EKG, Strep test, and breathing tests.   I do office procedures, PAP smears, joint injections and remove warts, moles and ingrown toenails.  I also make house calls.

Do you provide telemedicine services?  Yes, we do.  We have excellent technology that allows us to do a simple video-chat as long as you have a computer or smart phone.  Remote visits are very convenient especially if you don’t live near Cartersville.  We don’t think Telemedicine allows the same level of care as in person, so we charge less.

Do you see walk-ins?  No, we don’t see walk-ins.  But we are almost always able to see you on the same day you are sick. We are located in Cartersville, GA right next to the Dellinger Park tennis courts.  It’s easy to just call us and we’ll do whatever we can to work you in.

Are you in my insurance network?  No, I am not in any insurance network.  I only network directly with my patients.

I have a high-deductible plan, will this work with you? Yes, high-deductible plans are perfect for my office.  Your money will go much further here.  For example, a new patient with a whole battery of tests might spend $150 in my office but $600 elsewhere.

Can I see you if I have insurance?  Yes, you can see me if you have insurance and it will likely be more affordable than if you see any other doctor.  Anybody can see me regardless of insurance*.  If you would like to get reimbursed by your insurance company I can give you a receipt and an industry-standard CMS 1500 form which you can give to your insurance.  They may or may not reimburse you.  But don’t worry, your payment to me may not be much more than your co-pay elsewhere. ​

*Please tell my office if you have Medicare.  We can see you, but we will need to give you a few more instructions.